A remake of the classic Commodore 64 game
Written by Mark Rosten in 2001, using Blitz Basic  
for the PC (Windows 32bit).

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To learn how to use this awesome basic language (Blitz Basic) I thought that I would remake an old Commodore 64 game that I love to pieces. I remember fondly playing Bruce Lee with my mates on my old '64, so what better game than one I knew inside out and one that hadn't been 'remade' for the PC (that I could find anyway).

The in game graphics were taken directly from an emulated version of the original game. I grabbed these graphics and manually extracted the level backdrops and all the animating scenery, as well as the character animation frames. A map editor was written in order to position the objects in the map (the collectable lanterns, moving electricity, deadly swords, exploding bushes, etc.).

The game was written from scratch to match the original 'feel' of the game as closely as possible. The only slight change from the original was to make Yamo slightly more intelligent in that he now jumps up and jumps over spans in platforms to come and get you!

Minimum Requirements:
Windows 9x/Me/XP
DirectX 7.1
3.1mb disk space
Sound card


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13th March 2003 - A big thanks to Nigel on the Bruce Lee Central site for giving my remake such a glowing review.
Here are some of Nigel's comments:

"Bruce Lee" was one of the more early releases for the C64 and is fondly remembered by many as being one of the original and best platform games of all time. One of my happiest childhood memories is staying off school with a flu and playing Bruce Lee all day long! Now, (at last!!!) a computer guru by the name of Mark Rosten has produced a virtually identical remake of the classic game that can be played on a modern PC.

Thanks Nigel! :) Click here to jump directly to the review.

25th October 2002 - Site move. I've recently moved this domain over to another web host, so if you get any problems with the site please let me know. Thanks.

06th June 2002 - A big thanks to JJ on the Retro Remakes site for choosing my Bruce Lee remake as their 'Pick of the Month'.
Here are JJ's comments:

"An amazing conversion written with the ever reliable Blitz Basic by a then relatively unknown remake author. Bruce Lee was a nuke up the arse for the C64 community which all too often relyed on remakes for the related Commodore Amiga for their remake needs. Bruce Lee was also the first high profile C64 remake to hit the hard drives of other 'communities' who before through pig-headedness or just plain ignorance may have never touched a C64 game with a barge pole - especially the Spectrum communtiy which is flooded with remakes of it's own. A geniune class A remake, Bruce Lee does itself justice by being true to the original whilst having the enhanced 'feel' of a remake programmed from scratch with a quality engine. This remake is recommended for both C64 fans and daring fans of rival machines who wish to touch their toe into the waters of the C64 world. A classic remake which you miss at your peril - lover of the C64 or not! [JJ]"

Thanks JJ! :)

18th May 2002 - Not Bruce Lee news, but news of another retro remake started by yours truly. I've recently started work on a 3d version of Racing Destruction Set. Click >here< to jump to my new web page devoted to this new game.

28th February 2002 - Another Blitz Basic coder by the nickname of mrbombermillzy is working on a new Bruce Lee inspired game. He's asked me to ask people if they ever managed to gain access to the hidden levels in the original Bruce Lee game. If you remember how to access these areas, could you please email me or leave a message in my guest book. Thanks!

23rd November 2001 - I've decided to scrap my ideas for a new level editor for Bruce Lee. I will be leaving this remake alone for the foreseeable future as any time I am spending on my computer is taken up with playing Dark Age of Camelot. I'm sorry to let people down if they were waiting for this new editor. I may come back to it early next year.

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